Research and Workshops

Research Experience:

2017-2022 (Ph.D.)

  • Conducted continuous-wave optical and electrical measurements on triple halide systems, including temperature- and power-dependent photoluminescence and temperature-dependent transmission measurements

  • Conducted temperature-dependent J-V characterization measurements of solar cells under mono-wavelength and solar simulator conditions

  • Studied continuous wave and ultrafast transient absorption of (EPEA)-ligand Lead Iodide system for equilibrium and dynamic optical properties

  • Conducted Raman and FTIR measurements on Indium Nitride, as well as temperature- and power-dependent photoluminescence measurements on CsPbBr3 quantum dots and FACs-based Br/I systems

  • Performed continuous-wave and ultrafast transient absorption measurements on bulk samples to quantify the effect of cation and anion substitutions on carrier relaxation in bulk perovskites

  • Modeled the Elliot absorption model using Mathematica and Python to extract binding energy and broadening from absorption spectra

  • Conducted optical measurements on 2D Ruddlesden-Popper thin film metal halide perovskites to describe nature of interactions observed in BA2PbI4

  • Used Mathematica and Python to perform transfer matrix modeling of microcavity DBR mirrors and perovskite absorbing layers, and conducted reflectance measurement of microcavity DBR

2014-2017 (M.Sc. Physics)

  • Studied the effect of integration of 2D materials on different functional oxide heterostructures using AFM, Raman Spectroscopy, and mechanical and chemical exfoliation methods to prepare graphene samples.

  • Performed ab-initio calculations (DFT) using Quantum Espresso software on BFSCO to study the effect of strontium doping and strain on ground-state magnetic properties and metal-to-insulator transitions.

  • Project on Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Higgs Mechanism (Summer Internship - 2015 at Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics)

Center for Quantum Research and Technology (CQRT) Workshop

Public talk by Nobel laureate Bill Phillips, NIST

Followed by:

  1. Joel Grimm, Naval Research Laboratory.

  2. Boubacar Kante, UC Berkeley.

  3. Patty Lee, Honeywell Quantum Solutions.

  4. Prineha Narang, Harvard University.

  5. Chris Palmstrom, UC Santa Barbara.

  6. Ana-Maria Rey (MacArthur Fellow), JILA, NIST, CU Boulder.

  7. Jim Shaffer, Quantum Valley Ideas Lab.

  8. Norman Yao, UC Berkeley.

Glimpses from CQRT workshop

Nobel Laureate: Prof. William D. Phillips